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Mockups are hosted on gitorious, and are created using Pencil.

The idea is that if you want to describe a new feature using a mockup, create a branch of the mockups project, modify the screen of interest, save it as a png, then link to the raw png blob in gitorious from the wiki.

Example workflow

There was a discussion about a popup or new screen which is opened when you click on an old version of an app. In this case, to start mocking it up, you could:

  1. Clone "git://"
  2. Create a branch "app-version-screen"
  3. Edit app-details/app-details.ep in Pencil
  4. Save it, export png to app-details/app-details.png
  5. Link to the raw png blob on wiki/irc/wherever
    1. Navigate to the repo in gitorious
    2. Open the branch you created
    3. Browse the branch and find the png you created
    4. You should be able to open it in the browser (example)
    5. Right-click and copy the url of the image being displayed by gitorious example)

If you are pondering a change to an existing screen, you could just modify that file. But if you are creating a whole new view, then you may prefer to just copy an existing directory, rename it, and start from there.