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There are a few examples of people posting in the forum or bug tracker with questions about why it doesn't seem to work after first installing. My summary of these are:

  • "What's New" default category may not show many apps to user
  • Apps with "Anti Features" are not shown by default
  • (to a lesser extent) "Incompatible apps" are not included in the index
  • Initial update can take a long time

Daniel has done some great work with some of these. I understand that he is working on a solution to the initial update by changing how icons are loaded. Also, I noticed some commits about keeping incompatible apps in the index, and just choosing not to display them - rather than removing them from the index completely, and requiring a repo update on preference change.

(outdated but) relevant forum post: New user experience needs work

What's New

Issue #369 discusses the case where the first time F-droid is installed, it only shows apps that have been recently added. In this case, it was two apps, and it was not immediately apparent that this was because of the category that was being displayed.

Here are some proposed solutions, feel free to elaborate or add:

Show X latest apps

Currently, the preference is "Show apps added int he last X days". If this was changed to "Show X latest apps", then it would resolve the issue. Having said that, there are probably people who would rather leave it as is.

There is always the choice of adding another preference to let the user choose "Show apps from the last X days" or "Show X latest apps". However, many of us believe that it is in our best interests to minimize the number of preferences.

Show all, sort by latest

It is quite possible to display all of the apps (just like the "All" category) but sort them from date added in descending order. It might also be worthwhile adding an icon (at least in the compact view) to indicate apps that you haven't seen yet. This could work similar to old fashioned forums that display icons to indicate "unread" posts. I will be the first to admit I have no idea what type of icon would suit - light bulb or a star maybe...

It is, probably, bad idea to add more icons to the list view. IMO, even something like slight difference in color between viewed and other apps would be pretty much unnecessary distraction in everyday usage. Adding sorting would be great through. --AlexanderR

Show something else by default

Instead of showing "What's New" by default, which is probably a silly thing for a first time user to see (although less so once someone has been using the client for a while) why not show something else. For example:

  • A different category
  • An introduction and list of categories
  • Latest news

Anti features

Relevant forum posts: