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You can use your existing F-Droid credentials to log in here. To edit the wiki, however, you will need to confirm your email address via your Preferences (OpenID users may have to specify it in their profile first).

Please use the Discussion tab at the top of the screen for any suggestions (which can be signed with a "~~~") or post in the forums.

Note that all the app-related pages on this wiki are auto-generated, so don't edit them!, because your changes will just be overwritten later.



How to Help
Describes the different ways users can contribute to the F-Droid project.
Inclusion Policy & Inclusion How-To
Guidelines for how to request the inclusion of a new app.
Currently for the client app, in the future for the site/wiki too.


Home Page
Community work for the pages (and translations)
The Manual
Essential reading for contributors and those setting up their own repository.
App Development & Porting
How to make apps run well across wide range of devices.
Work in Progress
Feel free to add your own topics and link to others.
Repository Maintenance 
How to maintain the repository (including stats and todo lists!).
What they are, and what apps have them.
Installing the Server/Repo Tools
How to install fdroidserver, the tools for running repos and build servers.
Setup an FDroid App Repo
How to setup your own repository of apps that users can easily add to their FDroid client to get your apps directly from the source.
Release Channels and Signing Keys
These are the various channels that FDroid software are released on, with info to verify them based on signing keys.