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All the information at the linked pages is automatically compiled and updated from the current F-Droid repository data (as found at, to be used for reference. Changes have to made via that git repository - do not attempt to edit any of this information on the wiki, as your edits will be overwritten.

  • All applications (2,952) – every app has its own wiki page, named by its package ID (e.g. org.fdroid.fdroid) ; additionally there are redirect pages to these, using the app's real name, which can be found here.
  • Can't update (264) – these need updates, but we can't do it: usually for technical reasons or because the current version is inaccurate – see the app page for the reason.
  • Missing source code (117) – these are missing source code or have begun to include proprietary libraries that we can't easily remove – again, see the app page for particulars. Attempts to engage with the developers can be documented in the discussion tab.
  • Need updating (199) – these apps need updates – we don't have the current version (the latest version recommended by the developers for general use and FOSS). Note that, for most apps, we do automatic checks for new versions. The checks are not flawless, however: developers can forget to tag a release; source code may have been witheld or moved to a new location; repository structure changes can confuse the checks; etc. Please let us know if you think that the current version is wrong.
  • Failing builds (18) - these apps have builds that are failing - these either need fixing or disabling.
  • No packages (150) – we have metadata for these, but no apks at all.
  • No update check (232) – these have Update Check Mode set to None, so we can't automatically know when new versions are available. We need to implement new methods of checking, and check manually in the meantime. Apps which likely won't ever be updated, or for which the author would let us know personally, don't appear here.
  • Disabled (111) – these are disabled - they don't show in the client or the web repo (and probably never will).

When adding or editing application metadata, please consult the Repository Style Guide.