Setting up FDroid in Android Studio

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  1. Install Java 1.6 or newer
  2. Get Android Studio, a custom version of IntelliJ:
  3. Get fdroidclient from git: git clone
  4. Set up the git submodules: cd fdroidclient && git submodule update --init --recursive
  5. In Android Studio, select "Import project..." from the main start screen, or from the file menu
  6. This will ask if you want to use "gradle wrapper". There is no harm in doing this, and it will in fact make sure that the version of Gradle used to build F-Droid is correct. The Android SDK usually doesn't work with the very latest version of Gradle anyway.

Once the project has been imported, it should initiate a gradle build, which is similar to running "gradle assembleDebug" on the command line. It should automatically pick up all required dependencies and 3rd party libraries. Also note that the initial build will take quite a long time to run.