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this is out of date, follow progress on gitlab:

One important feature for F-Droid would be unattended installations/updates.


after downloaders branch is merged:

  • An "Update All" button in the updates tab
  • Enable multi-select of apps to install/remove/upgrade them
  • Implement "update all" also with standard installer, inOnActivityResult start with the next apk...
  • Test DefaultInstallerSdk14 as a system-app installer! EXTRA_NOT_UNKNOWN_SOURCE

small todos

  • for default installer:
   // TODO: check before installation?
   // int result = Settings.Secure.getInt(getContentResolver(),
   // Settings.Secure.INSTALL_NON_MARKET_APPS, 0);
   // if (result == 0) {
   // // show some dialog here
   // // ...
   // // and may be show application settings dialog manually
   // Intent intent = new Intent();
   // intent.setAction(Settings.ACTION_APPLICATION_SETTINGS);
   // startActivity(intent);
   // }

Expert Features

  • Maybe a variant to "update" apps installed from Google Play to F-Droid even when signature mismatches. Should work with "pm uninstall -k"?