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This page is no longer used, follow discussions on gitlab

Topics for discussion

Some topics get picked up on the forum/issue list/gitorious/IRC and they probably deserve a place to collate all of that information. Here is a list of some things which deserve further thought from developers and the community before diving in and implementing them.

Client development

There are a few feature requests in the issue tracker which could be discussed here. You may find that you can better explain your ideas with a mockup.

Show permissions before install

Speed up F-Droid startup

App ratings/comments

(Non-)Updating of system apks

Improvements to Repository Management / Support for Multiple Repos

Improved experience on first run

Server development

  • Minimize index download size
  • Alternative, more clean and readable syntax for recipes.
  • Support building from tarball releases.
  • Support sources download mirror.

Client + Server development