UI improvements for Manage Repositories

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this is out of date, follow progress on gitlab:

Possible Improvements

Sort repositories by priority

I don't have a mockup for this yet, but if you had a drag handle on the right side of the list (so it doesn't clash with the on/off toggle), then the users could drag the list items to reorder (with the highest priority repos at the top).

This image shows the drag handles I'm referring to (forget the other irrelevant stuff on that screenshot).

Show message when no repos

If a user removes all of the repos, then it should show a message explaining there are none, and saying that F-Droid wont work without them. Perhaps even a button to reset to the default list of F-Droid repos.

Indicate last update for each repo

This is discussed in an issue somewhere, but I can't recall where right now. The idea is that we currently have a "Last updated" for "Whatever the last update was". The other option is to place this notice underneath each different repo. At the same time, we can remove the "Last updated" preference, and instead iterate through the repos and get the latest "lastupdate" value. One less preference, cleans up the code a bit.

Show failed update status

If a repo failed updating for some reason, remember it, and display it next to the repo name (e.g. in red text)