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My most used apps are:

  • AntennaPod - is a great app for listening to shows; I'm not so fond of the new versions
  • Aard - Wiktionary is great for translations, except the dump I have doesn't have much IPA transliteration :-(
  • aAuroraApp - for being able get involved in celestial weather discussions ;-)
  • Bitcoin - for spending those bitcoins
  • Bushido Blocks - simple game for a simple man
  • ConnectBot - weechat client works very well with the right setup, though it's missing predictive text
  • cm-nightlies - for keeping an eye on Cyanogenmod , my ROM of choice
  • FeedEx - for checking my F-Droid feeds
  • Firefox - I do use this if I'm on a gadget with more than half a GiB of RAM
  • Just Player - all music players are unsatisfactory. This one is what I use – needs a little bit of polish though.
  • K-9 Mail~ - been using this every since I've been on Android in August 2011
  • NTPSync - 'nuff said
  • OctoDroid - I use this quite a lot for F-Droid – ironically I can't build the current version. Github now has a mobile view which conflicts pretty bad with this app, but this app has the edge so far.
  • Orbot - Don't have the RAM to run this constantly but works well when I need it.
  • Puma - my social networking fix, but impossible to see who is commenting on what in the ofirehose stream so acutally pretty annoying
  • RMaps - I use this for searching maps
  • Sequence Hunt - The sweet spot for me is four columns and no shapes, for which I get it 90% of the time
  • ServeStream - internet radio is never simple :-( I use this with a few streams and the odd podcast that won't work with AntennaPod
  • Tint Browser - my browser , although I will be downgrading to Gingerbread soon to keep my battery good
  • Twidere - for reading TwoTwips and the odd bit of stalking ;-)
  • WikiAndPad - used to use this with Encfs to stop any thief from seeing my notes from recovery mode. still pretty good for jotting notes. I use alpha02: it's not crashy
  • Xmp for Android - for listening to various versions of the Outrun soundtrack