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Use a barcode scanner app to trigger a download


F-Droid is a constantly growing catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) apps for Android. It is also the name of the client application which is the best way to install the apps onto your device and keep them up-to-date.

You can download the latest version from here or scan the QR code on the right with your phone.

To install the F-Droid app and further apps from this repository, you must visit "System settings" -> "Security" and enable "Unknown Sources" .

F-Droid Client
Client screenshot on a normal-sized phone

Alternatively, you can browse the F-Droid repository with a web browser, and download the applications directly from there.


Open the F-Droid application and you will see a dialogue box showing the progress of the initial setup – this can take several minutes as the index and icons must be downloaded. When this process is complete you will be shown, under the Available tab, a list of apps that have been added in the last two weeks. Above this list is a spinner, for choosing the category. There are two other tabs: packages that you already have will be automatically detected and listed under the Installed tab; if there are newer versions of those they will also go in the Updates tab.

Selecting any item from the list takes you to the details of that application. From there, tapping the menu key will give you the option to install, uninstall, run or update. You can also view (in a browser) the application’s web site, issue tracker and source code; you can also choose to view the application on Google Play, if it exists there. If you are using Android 4, some of these items may be chosen directly from the top "action bar".

Below the description there is a list of the 3 latest versions and you can select one directly in the list to install it. One of them will usually be shown with a * next to it: this is the recommended version – usually the version that the developers publish on Google Play (but it could be older than that). Versions above this are probably beta releases, and versions below are older versions.

Build Types

There are two types of build available in the repository, which are labelled in the client as ‘source’ and ‘bin’. The majority are source builds – these are verified, automatically built and signed by F-Droid, and accompanied on this website by an archive of source code for that version. For a small number, only the binary packages are provided – these are built and signed by the original developer.

Note that Android does not allow you to switch between builds of different signatures, unless you first uninstall the app. Thus, if you install an F-Droid-signed build, you will need to uninstall it before installing an original developer build, and vice versa. The same applies if you build your own version from the source.

Extra Options

The F-Droid client automatically checks for new packages daily, but on the Preferences screen you can configure it to check the repos at different intervals. If new versions of any of your installed apps arrive you will get a notification. You can choose to store packages after they are downloaded so that they can be accessed even without an internet connection. The client will not show apps that may have certain anti-features: you can allow them to be displayed by checking the boxes here; the same goes for apps which could be incompatible with your device.


Please support F-Droid and keep the servers running by donating: either;

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  • or by sending Bitcoins to this address: 15u8aAPK4jJ5N8wpWJ5gutAyyeHtKX5i18