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Daniel Martí organizes workshops where people can learn how to:

  • Use the F-Droid app repository on their Android devices as opposed to the Play Store.
  • Avoid using their Google Account and use only Free Software on their devices.
  • Contribute to the project by adding new apps or updating existing ones.
  • Further improve the client or server software if they are encouraged to.

The workshop is part of the F-Droid project, which aims to provide people with a decent means of obtaining Free Software on their devices without the use of the proprietary Play Store.


  • Depends on how many people attend and their interest in the workshop topics.
  • The whole event will take at least two hours.
  • The ideal length would be between three and five hours.


  • Tables and chairs for attendants.
  • People should bring their Android device (and laptop, if they have one) to participate in the workshop.
    • Software you should install beforehand on your laptop: Git, Virtualbox and Vagrant.
  • Power plugs for people to connect their laptops.
  • Internet connection, with a wireless access point if possible.
  • Projector or a medium/large screen to be used in the presentation.


  • Aimed at app developers and experienced users. Knowledge necessary:
    • Being minimally capable in the command line on a Gnu/Linux environment or similar
    • Basic Git usage and interaction with the Gitorious web interface
    • Knowing the basics of building Android applications via ant, maven, gradle or the alike
  • Maximum numbers on the space available and how many people can be seated in it.
  • More than a dozen people would be too many for the hands-on part of the workshop.


  1. Initial presentation (10 minutes):
    • What is F-Droid?
    • How can I use it?
    • How does the repo/server side work?
    • How does the client work?
    • Why does it differ from not only the Play store, but also Aptoide, etc?
  2. Quick overview of the build process (10 minutes):
    • How can I add a new app to the repo?
    • How can I update existing apps?
    • How can I spot non-free apps and libraries easily?
  3. Practical demonstrations (15 minutes):
    • Updating an app in the repo and building the new version.
    • Adding a new app to the repo and building it.
  4. Hands-on session, where:
    • Anyone wishing to set up a build environment on his machine will be shown how to do it.
    • Everyone is welcome to include new apps and update existing ones.
    • We will be helping out anyone having questions or having issues while adding/updating apps.
    • Help will be on hand to anybody who wants to add a feature or fix a bug in the server or client side software.

The hands-on part of the workshop could take half an hour or a few hours, depending on how many people there are and their interest.

Other details

  • A testing F-Droid repository will be set up exclusively for these workshops. This way, we can:
    • Add new apps and change existing ones without worrying about the real repo
    • Refresh the repo as many times as we want, having "live updates" that can be seen during the workshop itself.
    • Watch new apps appear in "What's new" and try them out moments after adding them.

Arrange a workshop

If you would like to have an F-Droid workshop in your party, conference or community meeting, just send Daniel an e-mail and he will be glad to attend if he's available. Note that, while he's a volunteer developer in said project, he does in no way represent or speak for it as a whole.