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This app is disabled and does not appear in the repo

Wireless Tether

Name: Wireless Tether

ID: android.tether

License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2012-07-26

Updated: 2012-07-26

Wireless internet tethering - view in repository


N.B The app isn't built entirely from source; there are bunch of prebuilt programs like dnsmasq and iptables in the source code repository.

There is a beta version of this under, and we will remove this when that gets released.

This program enables tethering (via WiFi and BT) for rooted handsets running Android. Clients (your laptop for example) can connect (via ad-hoc mode) and get access to the internet using the cellular data connection which is established by the handset.

This application requires a rooted device (basic Android still doesn't allow ad-hoc mode) and (probably) a custom-kernel which supports netfilter (iptables). Please see the website for detailed information.

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This application has partially or entirely been missing source code since version 2.0.8.


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