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Food Restrictions

Name: Food Restrictions


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Added: 2017-02-24

Updated: 2017-02-24 (buildlog)

Place orders with food restrictions in multiple languages - view in repository


When traveling abroad, are you having a hard time getting your food restrictions across?

This app is here to help you ordering food when you are traveling to a country where language barriers can make it difficult to make yourself understood.

The purpose of this app is to help you to show the waiter, food vendor, etc. what kind of food you don't eat or can't eat even if the they don't speak English or your language.

The best of all: you don't have to go through the trouble of drawing pictures or using ‘sign language’. All you have to do is configure your app to the language of the area you are visiting.

This app has some Vegetarian and Vegan phrases in a few languages. All you need to do is select the desired language in your app and you will instantly be able to show people your culinary wishes using the menu on the left and choosing the language the other person speaks.

If the person who is cooking something for you can't read there is also an option where you can select some icons to show what you don't eat or can't eat.

Upstream developed this app to communicate his food preferences while traveling. He hopes it will be useful to you as well!

Happy travels and Bon Appétit!.

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