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Image SMS

Name: Image SMS

ID: click.dummer.imagesms

Author: deadlockz

License: Unlicense





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Added: 2018-11-20

Updated: 2018-11-20 (buildlog)

Send very small photos with long text SMS and without MMS or internet - view in repository


Image SMS uses long text SMS to send a very small picture (NOT MMS or Internet). It uses base64 technique (similar to a email attachment) to transfer data. It is a bare metal App and Open Source on github. If you want to enlarge the features, you have to do it by your own!

I love my privacy. Thus I love apps with only a couple of permissions. Image SMS needs only access on:

  • SMS (read and send)
  • Camera

Image SMS does not use access to:

  • Files
  • Contacts
  • Internet

This may be strange to you, because you need a phone number and there is no contact selection. .

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