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This app has the NonFreeNet Antifeature.

NoSurf for reddit

Name: NoSurf for reddit

ID: com.aaronhalbert.nosurfforreddit

License: Apache-2.0





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Added: 2018-12-05

Updated: 2018-12-05 (buildlog)

Browse the top posts on Reddit without infinite scrolling or addictive features - view in repository


"NoSurf for reddit" is the world's first **non-addictive** Reddit client.

Here's what it does:

  • Lets you browse ONLY the first page of /r/all,
  • Lets you browse ONLY the first page of your subscribed subreddits,
  • Lets you read ONLY the top 3 parent comments on each post,
  • Grays and X's out posts you've already read.

...and that's it. No more endless scrolling. No more brain hijacking. No more mindless surfing. No more finding yourself on page 89 of /r/all at 3am.

Take control now by deleting your current Reddit app and installing NoSurf for reddit. Do it now.

Includes Night Mode and AMOLED Night Mode. No special permissions required..

NoSurf for reddit is **free, ad-free, libre, and privacy-centric**, and always will be. reddit is a registered trademark owned by reddit, Inc.

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