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Name: Impression

ID: com.afollestad.impression

License: GPL-3.0-or-later





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Added: 2016-01-04

Updated: 2016-01-04 (buildlog)

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Image gallery based on material design. This build removes non-free crashlytics sofware and will most likely not see any updates, since upstream now uses Google's play-services, a non-free dependecy, e.g. for media casting.

This build might be unstable and crash when not used in "explorer mode". Please don't report issues to upstream that are not present in official builds.

Maintainer Notes

This app has been moved to the archive because people did complain to upstream -- just what I told them NOT to do. People don't read... sad, but true.

  • Strip crashlytics from newer versions
  • Strip play-services from newer versions
  • UCM:Tags after next release
  • Add -fdroid suffix?
  • AutoName is a variable, so dont use it
  • Maybe find someone to maintain a floss fork?

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We don't have the current version of this app. (Check mode: None) (Auto-update mode: None)

This application has partially or entirely been missing source code since version 0.8.1.

The current (recommended) version is 0 (version code 0).


This version is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to the source tarball published with it.

Version code: 66