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Contact Owner

Name: Contact Owner

ID: com.appengine.paranoid_android.lost

License: LGPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2012-01-08

Updated: 2012-01-08

Contact info on lock screen - view in repository


Contact Owner is displays your (or a friend's) contact information on the "lock screen" of your device, so that if you happen to lose it the finder will know how to contact you. Select yourself (or your friend) from your list of contacts, then select which information you want shown and (optionally) customize your message. Contact Owner is a "fire and forget" tool: once you set it up, your contact information will keep being displayed even after restarting your device, as long as the application is installed.

Maintainer Notes

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This application has partially or entirely been missing source code since version 2.3.

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