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BotBrew Basil

Name: BotBrew Basil

ID: com.botbrew.basil

License: LGPL-2.1-only





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Added: 2013-03-06

Updated: 2013-03-06

Debian package management - view in repository


Botbrew Basil is a frontend application which allows to install Debian in a chroot on your Android device, and manage installed packages and running services via comfortable UI.

Botbrew release "Basil" uses dpkg, unlike previous release Botbrew "Anise" (not available as open-source) which used opkg. It uses official Debian and Emdebian package repositories, though some bootstrap and support packages are downloaded from

Before deleting the Botbrew bootstrap directory, open the control/preferences window and tap 'exit' to make sure everything has been unmounted properly.

Status: Experimental

Requires root: Yes

Maintainer Notes

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