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Call recorder for Android

Name: Call recorder for Android


License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2014-08-18

Updated: 2014-08-18 (buildlog)

Record calls - view in repository


Records all incoming and outgoing calls from/to your phone. Your calls are saved in mp3 format and can be sent by various methods.

The main application screen contains a list of all calls with details of phone numbers, date and time of a call. A click on one of the items will provide you with 3 options: erase record, send record and play record.

In order to allow or disallow recordings open the main menu and choose enable/disable recordings.

Information: Might not work with Android > 4.1.0 (see issues).

Maintainer Notes

GPLv3 as seen on the GoggleCode project page.

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The current (recommended) version is 2.0.3 (version code 24).


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Version code: 24