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WiFi Tether

Name: WiFi Tether


License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2012-10-16

Updated: 2012-10-16

Wireless internet tethering - view in repository


N.B The app isn't built entirely from source; there are bunch of prebuilt programs like dnsmasq and iptables in the source code repository.

This is the latest version of android.tether but it's still a beta.

This program enables tethering (via WiFi and BT) for rooted handsets running Android. Clients (your laptop for example) can connect (via ad-hoc mode) and get access to the internet using the cellular data connection which is established by the handset.

This application requires a rooted device (basic Android still doesn't allow ad-hoc mode) and (probably) a custom-kernel which supports netfilter (iptables). Please see the website for detailed information.

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This application has partially or entirely been missing source code since version 3.3.


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