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Search Based Launcher v2

Name: Search Based Launcher v2

ID: com.ideasfrombrain.search_based_launcher_v2

License: MIT






Bitcoin: None

Added: 2013-03-04

Updated: 2013-03-04

Minimalistic home-screen - view in repository


This app has been deprecated in favor of com.vackosar.searchbasedlauncher.

  • When the results narrow down to one app, it can be automaticaly started (Autostart button).
  • Add any activity of any app on your device to list of apps (e.g. Wifi settings, ...).
  • Hide any app from list of apps adding it to the hide list.
  • Rename any app however you like.
  • Icons of apps and wallpapers are not displayed, freeing up RAM.
  • The space character " " is mapped to the "any set of characters". (i.e. in terms of REGEX " " is replaced with "*." )
  • Advanced search using REGEX.
  • Includes basic widgets for Wifi, camera etc.
  • Works as a home-screen or normal app

Maintainer Notes

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The current (recommended) version is 1.13 (version code 5).


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Version code: 5