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qBittorrent Client Pro

Name: qBittorrent Client Pro

ID: com.lgallardo.qbittorrentclientpro

License: GPL-3.0-or-later





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Added: 2015-04-14

Updated: 2015-04-14 (buildlog)

Companion app for qBittorrent client - view in repository


Manage the queue of your qBittorrent client. Features include:

  • See a two panel view (fragments) for torrent list and details in the same window
  • Drawer menu for switching between All, Downloading, Completed, Paused, Active and Inactive torrent list
  • Pause or resume all torrents from the selected list
  • Auto refresh torrent list after performing an action on a torrent (pause, resume, or delete)
  • Add URL directly or by clicking the torrent link on your device's browser
  • Pause, resume, or delete individual torrents with its downloaded data
  • Set and save a connection account

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