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Name: OSMNavigator

ID: com.osmnavigator

License: GPL-3.0-only





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Map/navigation tool for OpenStreetMap - view in repository


OpenStreetMap map display. Choose between:

  • OSM Standard map,
  • OSM by MapQuest,
  • MapBox Satellite (a wonderful satellite map),
  • MapsForge offline map
  • View GPS location
  • Routing
  • Search for features, Wikipedia entries or Pictures on Picasa or Flickr
  • Display KML data from local files, from a web URL or from an Overpass query
  • View maps offline using MOBAC, MapsForge or cached tiles

Maintainer Notes

The main project is in a subdir but uses two libraries in two other subdirs, each with its own dependencies. Hope copying the extlibs for these around in prebuild works as expected.

Mapsforge jar was left in place as it is a snapshot of an old version (0.3.1), which has since seen heavy changes (including removal of features), thus upgrading to 0.4.x or later might or might not work.

org.openbmap version 0.7.1 used the same Mapsforge version, maybe that recipe can be used.

If all else fails, we would need to switch to gradle and specify all libs as depedencies. (This is how the mapsforge dependencies was resolved for org.openbmap and com.vonglasow.michael.satstat, though both these apps use Mapsforge 0.4.x.)

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