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WikiJourney (legacy)

Name: WikiJourney (legacy)

ID: com.wikijourney.wikijourney

License: Apache-2.0





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Added: 2015-12-30

Updated: 2015-12-30 (buildlog)

Rediscover tourism with Wikipedia - view in repository


This app has been deprecated in favor of eu.wikijourney.wikijourney.

WikiJourney is an app that allows tourists to visit a town with Wikipedia information. The app looks around the user for the points of interest, lists them, then creates a custom trail according to the user's likes and the time he has.


  • Find POIs around me: the app locates you, and the automatically searches on English Wikipedia the available POIs.
  • Map display: once you have been located, the app displays your location with every POIs around you on a map. By tapping one of these points, a bubble displays more information, and links to the Wikipedia article.
  • List of POIs: a screen gathers every POIs found by the app, for a fast and easy interaction.

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