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Installed Android Tools

Build Log

' failed on server for'


== Installed Android Tools ==

INFO: Creating log directory
INFO: Creating temporary directory
INFO: Creating output directory
INFO: Using git version 2.11.0
INFO: Building version 0.0.20180616 (426) of
INFO: Getting source for revision 0.0.20180616
INFO: Initialising submodules
ERROR: VCS error while building app Git submodule update failed
==== detail begin ====
Submodule path 'app/tools/libmnl': checked out '0930a63252958f40bb0f9d09de86985c25cea039'
error: no such remote ref 6a2cfa9bee43573f5c3c9d25f69821c4fbb336cd
Fetched in submodule path 'app/tools/wireguard', but it did not contain 6a2cfa9bee43573f5c3c9d25f69821c4fbb336cd. Direct fetching of that commit failed.
==== detail end ====