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I Bike CPH

Name: I Bike CPH

ID: dk.kk.ibikecph

License: MPL-2.0





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Bike navigation for Copenhagen - view in repository


Find the best bicycle route through Copenhagen. The app can tell you about the best shortcuts, knows which parks you’re allowed to bike through and where you’re allowed to ride against the one-way car flow.

The app is adapted to bike life in Copenhagen, but can also be used anywhere in Denmark.

The map has been adapted for cyclists and shows cobblestones and bicycle barriers, so you can avoid bumpy rides and know which route to pick when riding your cargo bike.


  • Gives directions as you ride with GPS turn-by-turn navigation (requires a phone holder).
  • Avoids bumpy rides – route suggestions will try to avoid cobblestones.
  • Suggests routes for cargo bikes which avoid steps, bike barriers and cobblestones.
  • Suggests pushing your bike when it makes sense, e.g. on one-way streets.
  • Green Routes and Cycle Super Highways are prioritised.
  • You can login and save your favourite places, so you can quickly find your way to them later.
  • Bike map that shows cobblestones, bike barriers, Green Routes and Cycle Super Highways.
  • Searches for addresses, cafés, specific places, etc.
  • Uses data from OpenStreetMap (OSM), which is continuously updated.

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