/system/app mover

Add and remove system apps

This app moves apps from and to the /system/app folder, making them a system app or a user app. System apps can get more priviledges, so some apps get more functionality when installed as a system app.

On the other hand, system apps can not be uninstalled. So this app can also be used to convert system apps to normal user apps by moving them from the /system/app directory to /data/app directory.

WARNING: Uninstalling important system apps might result in a unusable device! Use this function at your own risk and only if you know what you're doing!

This app requires a rooted device with BusyBox installed.


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  • 版本 1.7.2 (172) - 於 2016-10-05 新增

    此版本需要 Android 2.1 或更高的版本。

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  • 版本 1.7 (170) - 於 2015-11-20 新增

    此版本需要 Android 1.6 或更高的版本。

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