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No-frills, easy to use, easy to maintain Email client for Android
新版本 0.1.2
* Tweak colors
* Fixed memory leaks (pronounced Letters) is a proof of concept email (JMAP) client currently in development. It makes heavy use of Android Jetpack for a more maintainable code base than some of the preexisting Android email clients.

Features & Design considerations:

* Heavily cached but not fully offline capable. makes use of JMAP’s great caching capabilities. However actions, such as marking a thread as read, need a round-trip to the server until their consequences like unread count are updated. will ensure that the action itself won’t get lost even if performed while momentarily offline.
* No settings aside from account setup. Settings invite feature creep and make the app hard to maintain. aims to support one specific work flow. Users who desire a different work flow may find K-9 Mail or FairEmail more suitable.
* Minimal external dependencies. Third party libraries are often of poor quality and end up being unmaintained. Therfore we will only rely on well known, well tested libraries from reputable vendors.
* Autocrypt as a first class feature¹. With its strict UX guidelines autocrypt fits right into
* is based on jmap-mua, a headless email client, or a library that handles everything an email client would aside from data storage and UI. There is also lttrs-cli which uses the same library.
* When in doubt: Look at Gmail for inspiration.

¹: Planned feature


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  • 版本 0.1.2 (3) - 於 {{ package_added_date }} 新增 suggested Added on 2020-03-23

    此版本需要 Android 6.0 或更高的版本。

    此套件包由 F-Droid 構建,並保證對應於此原始碼 tarball

    • 擁有完整的網路存取權
    • 防止手機進入待命狀態
    • 查看網路連線
    • 啟動時執行
    • 執行前景服務

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